The Relationship Between Philosophy and Engineering

Philosophy, Engineering, Philosophy and Engineering, The Relationship between Philosophy and Engineering.

The Relationship Between Philosophy and Engineering

4.0 Philosophy and Engineering: The Meeting Point

Engineering has received insufficient attention in philosophy. However, engineering should not use this as an excuse to disregard philosophy. Philosophy is important in engineering for at least three reasons, according to the argument. To begin, philosophy is required so that engineers can understand and defend themselves against philosophical criticism. In fact, even engineers are unaware of a long tradition of engineering philosophy. Second, philosophy, particularly ethics, is required to assist engineers in dealing with professional ethical issues. This point is supported by a case study of ethics requirements for engineering curricula across the world.

Third, because engineering is inherently philosophical, philosophy may actually function as a means to greater engineering self-understanding. The central thesis of this paper is that, despite popular belief, philosophy is crucial to engineering. When engineers and engineering students, not to mention those who use engineering services, dismiss philosophical analysis and reflection as incidental to engineering practice, they are mistaken on at least two counts: historical and professional. It is also true, I would argue, that engineering is important in philosophy – and that philosophers have made woefully insufficient efforts to acquaint themselves with it.


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Between Philosophy and Engineering, Engineering, Philosophy, Philosophy and Engineering, The Relationship between Philosophy and Engineering

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