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Benefits to Site Visitor/User/Buyer

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1. Access to Site

As a user or buyer, you will enjoy the ease of use and convenience of the high-quality educational materials and services provided by www.pastquestionsportal.com. Your purchases are backed by www.pastquestionsportal.com’s safe delivery guarantee within the agreed delivery time.

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For products with storage on www.pastquestionsportal.com, you have exclusive access to them on our website for at most one (1) year after which your account will be disabled and the product will be removed. We believe that 1 year is time long enough for you to have fully consumed the educational product and transcended to another class or level of education of which you may not need the product anymore. However, where you might need an extension of the tenure of the product purchased by you on www.pastquestionsportal.com for more than a year, please contact us at least 4 weeks to the end of one year cycle from the time of your purchase.

4. Access to Events

As a buyer of a product on www.pastquestionsportal.com, you have the exclusive privilege to attend all the free events and some of the paid events organized by www.pastquestionsportal.com. However, there may be considerations for a waiver for buyers of www.pastquestionsportal.com products including events closed to the public where such is deemed necessary.

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