Philosophy, Morality and Marketing [Philosophy Morality and Marketing]

Philosophy Morality and Marketing, Marketing, Morality, Philosophy, Philosophy, Morality and Marketing

Philosophy, Morality and Marketing


Before a proper study of the relationship between philosophy morality and marketing can be done, it is important to start with the basics. What is Morality and why is it important in philosophy and marketing?

Morality in philosophy is the branch and arguably one of the key component parts of philosophy that is concerned with and tries to give clearance to the question of what is right and wrong. In other words, the concepts or guidelines that humans use to decide what is right or wrong are referred to as morality and is an important field of study in philosophy.

Morality analyzes how people should live their lives in respect to others and investigates the essence of morality. Moral philosophy can provide the tools needed to study and live an ethical life. Like it is applied to other aspects of life and business, morality is important in marketing.

Philosophy Morality and Marketing: Importance & Perspectives

When presented with ethical dilemmas, marketers can (and should) use ethical rules to make sane decisions based on the principles of morality contained in philosophy, according to the business ethics literature. In recognized models of business ethics, morality in philosophy is shown as one of the main aspects impacting ethical decision making in marketing. Hence, it is important to study and understand what connects philosophy morality and marketing for the greater good.

Knowing the extent to which marketers follow the rules of idealism and relativism, and also why they adopt these principles to varying degrees, is important from a marketing standpoint. It aids marketers comprehend the underlying thought (philosophy) of other marketers as well as the buyers when assessing ethical behavior. This study examines in detail the relationship between philosophy, morality and marketing.


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