Philosophy, Insurance and National Development [Philosophy Insurance and National Development]

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Philosophy, Insurance and National Development


Philosophy has the capacity to enhance national development in many ways and one of the ways it to positively influence the principles and practices of insurance. These days, many people believe insurance to be a vital aspect of their overall financial strategy. Having a foundation in philosophy can influence management’s insurance plans, forecasts, and decisions.

Besides, it can help to improve corporate insurance practice thereby encouraging more people to purchase insurance plans which will in turn improve the nation’s GDP. An improved GDP implies a boost in national develop and vice versa. This study highlights and explains in detail the key beneficial contributions that philosophy can make to insurance and in turn to national development. It seeks to connect philosophy, insurance and national development.

The Relationship Between Philosophy Insurance and National Development

Building a sustainable risk management plan is an important part of the philosophy in insurance for national development. This provides peace of mind and mitigates unpredictable events that could otherwise jeopardize personal and financial goals. There is the need to collaborate to determine what risks are there in a situation and to devise a strategy for retaining, managing, or transferring those risks in a cost-effective and tax-efficient manner. This is where philosophy insurance and national development are intertwined.

To apply philosophy in insurance, management must consider the people and things that are most important to it. How do they intend to safeguard them? What are the potential dangers? Are monthly premiums or out-of-pocket payments better for the philosophy and financial situation of the company? Doing these will help to achieve the aims of philosophy, insurance and national development.

There are four key things to consider in clarifying philosophy’s role in insurance and ensuring that it is well-integrated into the financial plan. First, an adequate risk management plan is the foundation for financial success, and it is critical that clients feel secure in the knowledge that they are protected in the case of the unanticipated. Second…


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