Philosophy, Education and National Development

Education, Education and National Development, National Development, Philosophy, Philosophy and National Development, Philosophy; Education and National Development

Philosophy, Education and National Development


Without a doubt, education is the key to any nation’s socioeconomic and political development. This is based on the national education system’s philosophy, which encompasses her needs, goals, objectives, and aspirations. This paper discusses the theoretical and practical implications of educational philosophy for national development. It was proposed that philosophical ideas were responsible for shaping the development of societies through educational channels. The concepts of “education,” “philosophy,” and the relationship between philosophy and philosophy of education were articulated contextually.

The term “development” was investigated. The paper looked at philosophy as it relates with education and as a tool for national development through the lens of men’s ability to think more critically and reflectively. Because of the eclectic nature of the philosophical ideas expressed in national education policies, this paper concludes that the having a proper philosophy of/for education is paradigm to enhancing national development. It also observes some aspects of education that should be addressed for proper national development, and it goes on to highlight some of the effects of Philosophy of Education on national development.


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National Development, Philosophy, Education, Education and National Development, Philosophy and National Development, Philosophy; Education and National Development

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