Spending tons of hours to design and build WEBSITES, SALES FUNNELS, BLOGS, E-COM WEBSITES from scratch or with WORDPRESS is exercise in folly …an idiotic, unwise use of time!!!

Why waste SO MUCH Time, Energy, Money …when you could simply install a premium template, customize it, and get your web projects and that of your clients up and running under 1 hour??? 

Listen up folk,

In this day and age you don’t have to design website, blogs, sales funnels, e-com sites, etc. again from scratch,

…except you belong to the class of people who feel that success is predicated on the tons of hours spent grinding it haaard!!!

Of which, I am very sorry for you if this sounds like you!

Because, today, there are thousands of tested and proven high converting templates (themes) for almost every web project from simple opt-in pages to complex web portals to multi-vendor ecommerce sites, web servers, name them…

All you have to do is install…! edit…!, publish…!

If you are an experienced web-designer, web developer, or sales funnel developer you already know this


And, if you are NOT a web-designer, a programmer or any such thing the same applies…

So, whether you are designing for self or for clients,

…and you wish to build, and maintain highly professional and responsive website(s), blog(s), sales funnels, or ecommerce sites,

doing so from scratch will demand so much of your time, energy, money, and wits to get the basic components up!

Yet, at the end of the day what you finally get is nothing close to “Professional” in look and in functionality.

Or, maybe you use Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress…

Yes WordPress is great for building web projects BUT it has 2 main issues:

  1. The professional templates/themes you might need may not be free (usually not free), and
  2. You need premium page builder software to design the UX/UI as well as the functionalities for your site…and this is also NOT Free.

One of the most widely used WordPress page builders is Elementor.

Yes, there is the free version of Elementor which you can use BUT you are given access to just a few free template pages, a few widgets, and a few kits.

However, to extend the functionalities and enable advanced features in the page builder, you need the Pro version of Elementor which is $49/year.

See below:

Yes, the price seems ok….

But that’s for just one website!

If you have more than one web project to do,

Let’s say you want to design a website and a blog, and an ecommerce store, then you’ll be talking of $49 in 3 places…

…which you will renew for each of these sites next year and in the years to come

Damn it!!!

That’s costly!

As you add more projects, it keeps adding up…

Now, that’s not feasible at all!

So, we thought of a smart solution that you can use

Which is why I to ask you today:

…what if there were already made professional website templates, professional sales funnel templates, professional ecommerce templates, or professional blog templates which you could simply install, edit to your taste by simply dragging and dropping elements and before you know it you have a complete website in less than an hour…without spending any extra money!

Would you like such?

If your answer is YES!, then I introduce you to “TEMPLATES STOCKTM


TEMPLATES STOCKTM is a collection of premium websites, sales funnels, blog, and ecommerce store templates designed with Elementor page builder which is the most popular and best page builder on WordPress.

This is what you do:

You simply import any template of your choice in “TEMPLATES STOCKTM using free Elementor page builder and edit the template with your content and pictures.

And boom….your website, blog, sales funnel, or ecommerce store is READY!

TEMPLATES STOCKTM is designed to take away all the stress of designing website, sales funnel, blog, or ecommerce site from scratch.

It was also provided to remove the recurring cost problem associated with buying Elementor Pro for every website, sales funnel, blog, and ecommerce store you design.

Actually, we put these professional web templates together to help ANYBODY design websites, sales funnels, blogs and ecommerce sites without sacrificing time, energy, and money.

So, whether you are an established web designer or a complete newbie who wants to design a professionally looking website, sales funnel, blog, or ecommerce site within 1 hour, this got you covered.

Additionally, you save yourself a lot of time, energy, and money with this solution when designing and building for clients.

It’s simple and all that you have to do is this:

  1. Select and preview a template you need from over 500 premium templates in “TEMPLATES STOCKTM
  2. Install your preferred template
  3. Customize to taste
  4. Preview and Publish!

Yes, but that’s not all…

We understand that not everyone knows much about designing web projects (i.e. website, sales funnel, blog, ecommerce site).

So, we included some educational materials/trainings and additional tools to help you get set up almost immediately

With these resources, you should get your website, sales funnel, blog, ecommerce site running in the next 1 hour.

So, whether you are a beginner or an expert web designer, web developer, or sales funnel designer, when you get “TEMPLATES STOCKTM we will also grant you access to:


  • 50 free professional PREMIUM themes for websites and blogs ($490)


  • A Basic – Advanced Website Design Master Class course on “Elementor” ($95)


  • A Professional Web Design Freelancing Guide ($60)

So, in total you are getting:

  1. 500 Template kits ( PREMIUM )
  2. 50 Theme ( PREMIUM )
  3. Website Design Master Class course – Elementor
  4. Web Design Freelancing Guide (Upwork & Fiverr )

But wait, that’s not even all…

We observed that to get all the premium functionalities, some of the premium templates on “TEMPLATES STOCKTM need *Elementor Pro to be activated.

*Elementor Pro currently sells for US$49/year for 1 website

However, when you get “TEMPLATES STOCKTM we will give you a copy of Elementor Pro for FREE!!!

…and you can use this on UNLIMITED websites for FREE!

This will enable you to seamlessly customize your websites, sales funnels, blogs, ecommerce sites and that of your clients with the extra functionalities you desire, easily.

So, in all, this is what you are getting for the price of a pie:

  1. 500 Template kits (PREMIUM)
  2. BONUS 1: 50 Theme (PREMIUM)
  3. BONUS 2: Website Design Master Class course – Elementor
  4. BONUS 3: Web Design Freelancing Guide (Upwork & Fiverr)
  5. BONUS 4: *Elementor Pro Page Builder

So, get TEMPLATES STOCKTM today for a one-time fee of $156 $29.99 ONLY an say BYE-BYE to expensive fees, time wastage and low quality designs!!!

Yes, you saw it right…

…with just $29.99 Only, you will get access to:

  1. 500 PREMIUM Templates (for websites, sales funnels, blogs, and ecommerce stores).
  2. 50 PREMIUM WordPress Themes
  3. Advanced Website Design Master Class course – Elementor
  4. Advanced Web Design Freelancing Guide (Upwork & Fiverr)
  5. *Elementor Pro Page Builder [UNLIMITED SITES]

Note, this is a highly LIMITED time, end-of-year offer and will expire i the next 24 hours!

So you should get it now, while this discount price lasts…

By tomorrow, the price reverts to $99.99 but for today you pay only $29.99.

Yes, the past questions come with correct and detailed answers

Yes, however, you will pay 30% down payment for processing and delivery logistics

The tutorial below shows the premium collections inside TEMPLATE STOCKTM

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to download, import, install & customize templates in TEMPLATES STOCKTM

Sure, people will tell you web design is complicated and hard to do.

The truth is, web design is actually really simple. If you know what you’re doing.. and you have the right tools like TEMPLATES STOCKTM you can design websites, e-com sites, sales funnels, blogs in minutes NOT hours.

Here are the core features of TEMPLATES STOCKTM


This template pack consist of 500 Modern and Clean Elementor Template Kits that is perfect for you to create a professional-looking WordPress-based website.


Your designs will fit all devices, laptops, IPad, Mac, desktops, Mobile. All the template designs automatically adjusts for different-sized screens and viewports. Anyone can browse your website from any device and it will still look and function perfectly.


Each template kits contain multiple pages & sections, so you can design a full page website

You get the following in each template:

Home Page, About Page, Services Page, Service Details Page, Portfolio Page, Team Page, FAQ Page, Blog Page, Blog-single Page, Contact Page, 404 Page, features pages

Services Section, Portfolio Section, Team Section, Brand-logos Section, Testimonial Section, FAQ Section, Blog Section, CTA Section ,Contact Form Section.

Complete template kits available for various purposes. Choose beautiful designs that matches you or your clients needs TEMPLATES STOCKTM