Ethical Problems of Medicine and Health

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Ethical Problems of Medicine and Health


Across the world, the medical practice and health-care system remains highly centralized, with a primary emphasis on the provision of proper and adequate primary, secondary, and tertiary care to patients. This has resulted in several issues in medical practice and for healthcare service providers especially regarding ethical practice. This paper is a report on the ethical challenges in medical practice, the ethical challenges of healthcare providers, patients, and their families. The top ethical issues facing healthcare deal with privacy of patient, equity of resources distribution and use, patients’ rights, conflict of interests, and safety of patient.

High ethical standards are required in healthcare. These standards fall under the purview of health or medical ethics, a branch of applied ethics concerned with moral decision making in the context of medical practices and policies. When a healthcare provider is in charge of a patient’s health, disagreements about treatment decisions, waiting lists, and access to resources can all pose ethical quandaries. Ethical decisions are not subject to the same penalties as illegal practices. If a healthcare administrator is faced with the challenge of a busy emergency room, he or she is not legally required to promise that the process will be sped up.


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