The Complete CUSAS Post UTME Past Questions & Answers (UPDATED!)
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The mock CUSAS CBT is over…How was it? I hope you did well?
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If you took the test, congrats once again. If you did well, that is great. If you didn’t do well, it’s still ok. You have a second chance…
Now, listen,
We gave you those 15 questions to try -out of over 480+ CUSAS Past Questions

The goal is this: to give you a sneak-peak into how the exams is.

However, understand that the questions we gave you to try are not up to a quarter of the total questions asked in CUSAS at any given year when the exam is held, since its inception several years ago.

This is a fact.

The total questions asked in the real in CUSAS exam is much!

When you add the CBT Questions + Interview Questions, it’s much.

So, the 15 questions you just tried can literally and will practically take you nowhere as far as succeeding and getting admission into Covenant University this year is concerned!

Whether you agree with me or not, the fact is that studying the entire CUSAS past questions for the past 10 years is by far the best thing to do because of a number of reasons:

First, it will give you a broader knowledge of the pattern of the CUSAS exams over the years

Second, you will get to see the repeatedly asked questions in CUSAS every year

Third, you will know the exact duration of the exams and how to time yourself (the exam is never 10 minutes!).

Fourth, the past questions will reveal to you the nature of CUSAS syllabus and where the questions are likely to come out from this year

The more questions you study, the more you become acquainted with the exams format, build more confidence for success…and end up succeeding in the exams.

Now, look at the candidates below who practiced with all the CUSAS past questions and took the exam, the real CUSAS exam recently at Covenant University, see their performance:

Mrs. Oluwabanke’s Son used this Past Questions to prepare for the screening last week and scored 76.7%!!!

Isaac Daniel used this Past Questions to prepare for the CUSAS 2 weeks ago and scored 81.67%!!!

Great performance, right?

You can do much better that this!

The more your you practice for the exams, the more you becomes more confident about the exams…and this will help you to dispel all forms of doubts, fear, anxiety, and despair about the exams to come up tops, gain the admission with ease and make your parents proud!

You will also be proud of yourself.

When you know what’s in an exam in-and-out, i wonder where the fear will come from –because someone can only be afraid of the UNKNOWN!

Now, is the exam very difficult?

Not really, it’s not BUT it’s going to look like a mountain to the UNPREPARED!

If you do not prepare adequately for it with the past questions the chances of failing is high


Preparing for an exam with the WRONG materials is nothing but sheer wasting of time and energy.

For instance, if you did the sciences in Secondary school, you may be busy studying your Biology, Chemistry, Physics not knowing that these will NOT even be asked in the CUSAS exams!

The same goes for studying Literature in English, Government, CRK, and all those Arts subjects if you did Arts in Secondary school.

Listen, reading all those things is sheer waste of your time and energy.

If you child did the Commercials in Secondary school, chances are that you are currently wasting your time studying subjects like Accounting, Commerce, Economics etc…

Reading all these things is UNNECESSARY because none of these is set in Covenant University Aptitude test. They have never been set and won’t be set this year. 

Do you now see why you should get the complete CUSAS past questions and answers?

So, save yourself the time and energy today and get the exact and complete CUSAS past questions now and begin to focus on exactly what will be set, and what you will meet inside that exams hall soon.

Now, mind you there is also the INTERVIEW part after the exams (CBT)

You need to avail yourself of typical questions from this section too.

If you must pass CUSAS brilliantly, you need to study and master both the full CUSAS CBT questions and the INTERVIEW QUESTIONS.

The INTERVIEW part of the screening carries 40% while the CBT carries 60%

Can you now see why getting and studying the COMPLETE CUSAS PAST QUESTIONS compilations is a must for your total success?

Can you now see?

The good news is that we have both the compilations of the CBT QUESTIONS and the INTERVIEW QUESTIONS.

And, you can get both in PDF right now…!!!

The regular price for this past questions compilations is N5000 only but for today only I am giving you a small discount…to appreciate your seriousness in reading up to this point.

I will give you both the FULL CBT questions compilations and (+) the Interview drills complete with their correct answers for only:

…N4750 …

I will send both compilations to your email or WhatsApp within 1 minute from now.

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People think it’s a joke to get these past questions in just 1 minute.

Well, you will see it for yourself soon…

I really wish to help you further,

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In this MP3, I reveal some of the secret things candidates who just wrote the exams this year told me about the exams WHICH IF YOU KNOW, has the capacity to escalate your success at the CUSAS 2021 to the moon!

This information is very vital and this alone can help you to score extra 20 marks in the CUSAS exams.

I am very serious about this.

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