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This report is based on ACCURATE information we gathered during our interviews and interactions with candidates who took part in the CUSAS Post UTME over the years …and this year, 2021. 

It gives a complete account of the exams and provides links to get the compete past questions and answers for Covenant University Post UTME Screening 2021.



I trust you did well in your just-concluded mock CUSAS CBT


If you took the test and you got your result, congrats!

By taking this mock CUSAS CBT, a least you now have an idea of what the CUSAS test looks like and how prepared you are for the screening/exam. If you did well in the CBT, congrats to you.  

But then, you need to do better because the real CUSAS exam is tougher than what you just undergo, and you’ll be facing much more questions than the few questions you just practiced with!


If you didn’t do well in the mock CUSAS CBT, don’t go hard on yourself! You can improve your performance in the next few hours with laser-targeted practice. If you practice very well, you’ll be amazed at your performance after studying the full past questions.

So, whether you did well, average, or poorly in the mock CBT you just took, there is room for improvement and there is hope for you. You can improve your score. If you score up to 90% at the CUSAS CBT, you can make up at the interview to beat the screening and gain admission with less stress…

Now, the way to improve your performance at CUSAS 2021 is to practice with CUSAS Post UTME Past Questions and Answers. 

You just practiced with just 15 questions picked from over 886 questions set over the years!

Now, we want to give you access to the entire CUSAS Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for the past years. This will go a long way to help you score very high, beat the screening, and gain admission with less stress!

The full copy of the past questions contain:

Covenant University Screening (CUSAS) comprises 2 parts: (1) The CBT Exam and (2) The Oral Interview. This Past Questions comprises both the CBT questions and the Interview questions

With this past questions you will be able to improve your preparation for Covenant University Screening this year in numerous ways including the following:

The Complete, Full Past Questions is 62 pages and contains ALL the questions!

Get the Full Past Questions today to properly practice and prepare for the Screening this year!!!

NOTE: We will give you the compete past question for all the subjects with correct answers 

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