At Covenant University, Ota the Post UTME is referred to as Covenant University Scholastic Aptitude Screening (CUSAS). The school deploys a stringent selection methodology in a bid to admit the best and most suitable candidates to study at the prestigious Covenant Univerity, Ota.
The screening is in 2 parts: (1) The CBT and (2) The ORAL INTERVIEW.
The Computer Based Test (CBT) comprises questions that test the candidate’s academic prowess and aptitude while the Oral Interview involves a panel which examines the candidates attitude and other non-academic requirements. The Oral Interview comes after the The Computer Based Test (CBT) .

To qualify for admission, a candidate must have a cumulative score of at least 70% at the end of the Post UTME/Screening. 

To attain this feat, we have provided the past questions from the previous exams which would help to build candidate’s confidence and hasten candidate’s success at the Covenant University Scholastic Aptitude Screening this year. 

After going through these past questions, candidates should score at least 95% at the Post UTME Screening. 

The CUSAS Past Questions are provided to give candidates a clue of the nature of the exam, boost confidence, and instill the proper frame of mind in candidates preparing for CUSAS this year.

Inside these past questions, you will see questions similar to the questions you will meet at the Covenant University Post UTME. The CUSAS Past Questions contain Answers, Correct Answers!

The past questions contains:

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The past questions comprises 2 sections namely (1) Computer Based Test (CBT) Questions and (2) the ORAL INTERVIEW Questions. Besides, there is an additional section that contains useful tips for passing CUSAS Post UTME (CBT & Interview) with ease.
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