The report below is based on information we gathered during our interviews and interactions with candidates who took part in the ongoing CUSAS Post UTME 2020.

Mr. Ekemini Ekpo (Head, Past Questions Team)

Dear Candidate,

The page just preceding this one (where you just entered your details) explained the nature of CUSAS over the years – Computer Based Test (CBT) and Oral Interview.

This year (2020), the nature of CUSAS has changed a bit. Due to the Covid-19 situation in the country, instead of visiting the school’s campus for the screening as it were, you will take the screening from your home, office, church, or anywhere else you choose insofar as you are connected to the internet with a Personal Computer (PC) or a Macbook.

Currently, the screening is done One-on One where scheduled your own time and closely monitored (LIVE) by an examiner allocated to you during the Computer Based Test (CBT). You will also undergo a LIVE Oral Interview immediately after the CBT.

So, if you are preparing for the CUSAS of this year, you must be properly prepared to deal with any eventuality during the screening. You need to make a commitment to get the Full past questions today to achieve this. It is easy to get and quite affordable. – A MUST HAVE for anyone desirous for success at the CUSAS of this year.

The full copy of the past questions contain:

Covenant University Screening (CUSAS) comprises 2 parts: (1) The CBT Exam and (2) The Oral Interview. This Past Questions comprises both the model CBT questions and the Model Interview questions

With this past questions you will be able to improve your preparation for Covenant University Screening this year in numerous ways including the following:

See free copies of the Covenant University Screening Model Past Questions and Answers below.

The Complete, Full Past Questions is 62 pages.

Get the Full Past Questions today to properly practice and prepare for the Screening this year!!! You will also get all the study aids listed on this page to help you increase your score during the screening.

NOTE: Regardless of your Course, You will be tested on 3 Subjects at the CBT Level: (1) Verbal Reasoning, (2) Quantitative Reasoning and (3) Civic Education. These Model Past Question contains all three Subjects with Correct Answers

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PNG2_Covenant University Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Booklet

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