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Hello, I’m Ekemini

I’m an internet marketer, tutor, and graphic designer and I use Canva for most of my designs be it for personal or for business purposes.

Look, if you’re like me and you’ve been designing with Canva for sometime, you know that Canva is of 2 types: the Free Canva and the Paid (i.e. Pro) Canva.

To clarify the difference between the free version of Canva and the Pro Canva, I did a short demonstration video for you.

In the video below I use my free Canva account and my Canva Pro account to do basic designs and show the CLEAR difference between the two versions of Canva!

Watch below:

Now, whether you watched the video above or not, here’s the summary – what you should know:

The free Canva although it is a good tool has numerous limitations compared to the Pro Canva!

With your free version of Canva:

  1. You can’t use the pro templates, elements, photos, text, and backgrounds
  2. You can’t export your designs in high resolution.
  3. You can’t automatically resize your designs for multiple uses.
  4. If you have a picture with an undesired background you can’t remove it
  5. You can’t export your work with a transparent background
  6. You can’t compress your design to save storage space

Yet these are all things that you can do easily with the paid version of Canva called Canva Pro

If you watched my video above, where I compared Canva Pro to Free version of Canva…you can tell that it’s like trying to Compare Lizard to Crocodile. (…and free Canva is a LIZARD in this respect!)

Welcome to the Amazing World of Canva Pro!!!

With Canva Pro:

  1. You can export ALL your designs in high resolution.
  2. You can automatically resize your designs within Canva using the magic resize tool!
  3. You can remove/replace image background instantly within Canva.
  4. You can use all the free + Pro templates, elements, photos, text, and backgrounds within Canva.
  5. You can export your work with a transparent background!
  6. You can automatically compress your design to whatever quality you want
  7. You can showcase yourself as a pro and earn clients trust

See Canva Pro In Action…

Video #1: UNLIMITED Access to ALL Pro Features In Canva Pro (See Evidence Below)

Video #2: Watch Me Produce VERY HIGH Resolution Designs with Canva Pro Below

Video #3: See Magic Resize tool in Canva Pro in ACTION Below!!!

As you’ve seen, the Canva Pro gives you a wide rage of options to design and export your designs like a Pro!

The big benefit is that using the pro version of Canva (Canva Pro) to design will save you a lot of time, money, and energy when working.

However, there is one hoooge issue…

This issue is the SINGLE reason many people can’t access and enjoy the benefits of the Canva Pro.

The issue is that Canva Pro is costly…see the official price below (as of today on Canva website):

As you’ve seen above, Canva Pro costs $12.99 (N7586.16) per month or N91,000 per year, every year!

Not many people can afford this

But here’s the thing…

You can still get Canva Pro account today without paying Canva $12.99 monthly fee or it’s equivalent monthly or yearly fee…

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Just N5000 only

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How It Works

Note: you can use this Canva Pro account to do any design you want at any level. No monthly subscription fee after account is setup!!!

The setup process is manual and what I need from you is:

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Holi Sheet…You Lose!!!

Yes, you lose if you sleep on this offer right now!!!

Here’s how:

First, you’ll go back to producing low quality designs with free Canva which get rejected by serious clients. Meaning that you will keep losing good clients and good jobs!

The highest you can do with free Canva is to do basic designs for low paying clients.

No serious CLIENT whether individual or business/company will accept free Canva jobs from you mostly because of the low resolution of the jobs…

You want to get better design jobs, you want your designs to stand out from the crowd? You wan’t to chill with the BIG BOYS? Designing with FREE Canva account is NOT the way to go…


Second, you will keep wasting your time, energy and work at LOW efficiency by moving from Canva to other sites to remove background, resize your graphics when you could have done all these instantly like a pro in your Canva Pro account!

Third, you will keep wasting money on other tools to use their services which when you add up you spend by far compared to saving all that money with Canva Pro.

Finally, by the time you realize it IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE and you’ll have to pay $12.99 to Canva to use the Pro Canva service…when you could have paid…

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