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Hi, I am Ekemini Ekpo (a.k.a Mr. KOKOHANDS). I am a professional content manager, blogger, and businessman. 

Between 2017 and now, I have worked with several freelance content creators and together we have produced 1000s of quality content on the web. You are lucky to be on this call!

I am inviting you to work with me and earn at least #40,000 monthly from now till December this year working from your home, office, or anywhere you choose to work from. You can combine this with other jobs as you’ll be turning in only 4 copies of articles per day.

The Job Description:

The job is to SUMMARIZE already published scholarship articles using simple English, about 60 words per scholarship each arranged in a paragraph. Please, watch the 5 minutes video below to learn more.


Criteria For Including A Scholarship as “Best”?

The typical topic for this work looks like this:  “10 best dance scholarships for college students in USA”

“Best” as used in our topics refer to only scholarships with:

  1. High scholarship pay (the amount paid, incentives)
  2. High number of awards each year (if available)
  3. High acceptance rate (accepts many candidates from a specific region or from several regions)

A scholarship qualifies as “best” if it pays a high scholarship fee, awards at least one scholarship and accepts many candidates. If a scholarship fails to meet this criteria, it should not be included.

Study My Sample Below

Please, study the sample copy below to see how I want you to send in your work.


Dizzy Feet Foundation Scholarship Award is awarded by The Dizzy Feet Foundation annually to students in recognized and accredited dance schools and colleges in the USA. Each recipient of the scholarship award receives $10,000.00 paid directly to the recipient’s institution. To be eligible, the applicant must be a U.S citizen, at least 15 years old, talented, and need financial assistance.

The Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship is sponsored by The College of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Illinois. It offers three levels of awards ranging from $9000 to $20,000 for different categories of students in any field of music, architectural design, instrumental or vocal music, and related fields. The applicant must not exceed 25 years of age.

The Princess Grace Awards is for final-year undergraduate or graduate students in any tertiary institution in the USA. Mostly, female students who are United States citizens or permanent residents of the US are eligible. Applicants must be nominated by their schools or artistic director. Successful candidates will receive between $7,500 and $30,000 as tuition support. Applicant must have a passion for theater, dance, or film.

Lammot Belin Arts Scholarship is sponsored by The Waverly Community House Board of Trustees in honor of F. Lammot Belin, the late U.S. diplomat, and his philanthropist son. Only U.S. citizens currently resident in Northeast Pennsylvania and who possess exceptional ability in the performing arts and visual arts are eligible to apply. $12,000 awarded to successful applicants.

What Can You Spot From My Sample Above?

  • Each of the scholarships is arranged one per paragraph, and each of them is about 60 words each. (You can count them and see). 
  • Since the topic said, 4 Best Dance Scholarships”, that is why you see only 4 scholarships in my article above. I picked these from about 30+ similar scholarships based on the criteria, “best”. 

Buy then, why did I choose the scholarships above from over 30 scholarships that I found online related to the topic? It is because they qualified as the best, based on the guidelines that I gave earlier on the features the “best” scholarship should have. 

Now, look at the format that I used to write the sample above:

  • First, I mentioned the name of the scholarship, (i.e., “Dizzy Feet Foundation Scholarship Award”.)
  • Second, I mentioned the name of the scholarship’s founders, (i.e., “The Dizzy Feet Foundation”).
  • Third, I mentioned the duration, (i.e.,”annually”).
  • Fourth, I mentioned the scholarship’s amount, (i.e.,“$10,000”).
  • Last, I mentioned the eligibility criteria – (i.e., the number of awards, educational qualification/courses, nationality, and acceptance rate).

P.S.: Observe that I DID NOT EXPLAIN anything about the scholarship; I only mentioned what is important about each scholarship according to the guideline I gave already. Also, observe that I didn’t give any introduction or conclusion. So, I don’t expect you to do otherwise.

Recap: The only criteria for choosing a scholarship to include in your list is that it should have a high scholarship value/amount, award at least one scholarship, and cover a tangible duration.

Renumeration for This Job:

The pay for this job is a flat rate of N500 per article. Some of the topics will require your article to be about 600 words while others will require your article to be about 1200 words. I will send you topics comprising both word counts in appropriate proportions.

P.S: This is a long-term job which guarantees you earning #40,000 per month. If you have the time, you can double or triple this amount. We have over 5,000 topics to cover. So, you never run out of jobs!

P.S.S: Also, you are required to submit at least 4 articles per day (Monday – Friday). However, you may submit more or less, but be sure to submit the required number per week, 20 articles.

P.S.S.S: DO NOT apply for this job if you are un-serious, find difficulty in meeting deadlines, and lack the capacity to achieve efficiency in writing (plagiarism, grammar, formatting). You will only be retained after your first article is confirmed okay. So, make a good impression from the start if you wish to work with us long term.

All articles must be submitted in Ms.Word format, in Calibri (Body) font style, 14 font size, justified, double lines spacing. 

Now That You Know…

Understand that this job is WIDELY ADVERTISED and is keenly competed due to its simplicity. If you want to earn money legitimately doing what you love, join my team now! I can assure you of steady income from now till December this year. Jump on it now and give your finances a boost!

To enroll on this offer now, reach me now on 07085763316 (WhatsApp only) with, “Yes Sir, I Want the Job”. Once I get the number of writers that I need, this offer will be closed. So, if you’re interested reach me now. Cheers…


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