In the Best Interest of Your Child/Ward, Please Read Below *VERY IMPORTANT INFO*

Dear parent/candidate,

As you know, or will soon see, PART C of the CUSAS Screening is devoted to CIVIC EDUCATION.

This section basically tests candidate’s knowledge of past and recent events at the local, state, national, and international level.

In simple terms, it tests candidate’s knowledge of CURRENT AFFAIRS.

While the past questions you just purchased give insight into the nature, pattern, and questions in the CUSAS over the years, it is very helpful in PART A (VERBAL REASONING) and PART B (QUANTITATIVE REASONING)

However, from an analytical “common-sendical standpoint”…it does NOT give accurate LATEST information on PART C (which deals with CURRENT AFFAIRS) of the screening for this year …

Here is the reason:

This year is different from last year and the years gone by…Between even last year and now, several events have taken place which obviously are not recorded in the past questions.

The PART C of the past questions you just purchased cover events dated to at most, last year. Between then and now, things have changed economically, politically, socially in the country and internationally.

So, if a candidate is only abreast of past events as contained in the past questions you just purchased, he/she becomes limited and disadvantaged of the most recent events which will be asked at the CUSAS this year.

It is important that a candidate have full knowledge of past as well as present events, dates, issues, personalities, places/locations, happenings, etc.

Thus, for a candidate to fully succeed at the CUSAS Screening this year, besides getting the past questions, which you just did, a candidate needs the most recent knowledge to deal with PART C of the exam thoroughly…and the CURRENT AFFIRS Booklet helps in this regard.

Your child/ward needs the most current knowledge on “CURRENT AFFAIRS” to deal with the PART C of the screening this year which the Past Questions does not guarantee due to time and events difference between past years and now.

Events of the past years significantly differ from those of this year and a candidate needs to know the dated past affairs and the most recent affairs in the society


the exams will be set to test candidates’ knowledge of the past and the most recent events…

The latest CURRENT AFFAIRS BOOKLET can help in this regard.

Inside, you will get information on past and most recent events in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

It is an improved version of CURRENT AFFAIRS BOOKLET sold in shopping malls and supermarkets.

However, we have digitalized it and made it available in PDF for easy and quick download NOW!

All you have to do is pay N1000 only below and download it instantly!

It will greatly aid your success in PART C of the screening.

Please, study it alongside the past questions for optimum success.

Download your copy below…

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